Are you tired of waking up to excruciating back pain? Or turning over and over in your bed but never finding a position that puts your back at ease? best mattresses for back pain

You’re not alone. best mattresses for back pain

According to WebMD, 80% of Americans experience back pains at some point in their lives.

But that’s okay, isn’t all you need a firm mattress?


In fact, a firm mattress may make things worse for you.

What then?

What are the best mattresses for back pain?

Let’s find out.

best mattresses for back pain

Mattresses for Back Pain

There’s a lot of things that cause back pain. It can be an injury, misalignment, chronic pain, or bad posture. Whatever the case, sleeping on the wrong mattress can increase your suffering considerably.

On the flip side, a good mattress will not only let you sleep comfortably, but it can also help heal your back.

What makes a good mattress?

While there’s a lot of factors to consider (sleeping position, mattress material, etc. – we’ll take a look at those later), the most important thing is your spinal position.

You want a mattress that keeps your spine aligned.

You don’t want a mattress that sags super deep when you lie down, neither do you want a mattress that is so hard it doesn’t budge.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all mattress for everyone. What aligns the spine for one may cause stress for another.

It depends on things such as weight, hip-width, and sleeping position preferences among others.

That’s why getting the firmest mattress you can find is not always a good idea.

So how do you choose the best mattress for back pain?

How to Choose a Mattress

The best mattress for your back pain will depend on 3 things.

1. Sleeping Position

Do you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach? Or perhaps you do a little bit of everything?

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We all have our preferences, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But not mattress is made with the same position in mind.

Some mattresses are better for back-sleepers, while others are specialized for side-sleepers.

We’ll take a look at the best mattress for each position in just a bit.

2. Your Weight

The ideal mattress for a bulky football player won’t be the same for a petite dancer. The heavier you are, the more your mattress will sag when you lie down.

Remember, you’re going for perfect spine alignment. The heavier you weigh, the firmer you’ll want your mattress.

3. Mattress Material

Mattresses come in several types of material. You’ve probably heard that memory foam is the best. Is it true?

There are no studies done on which material is the best for backaches. However, a lot of people say memory foam works for them. So it’s worth a shot.

That said, others complain that memory foam can get warm. That’s why they prefer latex. Latex is also very good, and it’s a lot cooler than memory foam.

You could also go for good old-fashioned innerspring or the modern hybrid types. When the mattress is well made, the material doesn’t matter too much. But it’s always good to be aware of these things.

The Top 4 Mattresses for Back Pain

With those three things in mind, you should end up with a great mattress.

Still confused? best mattresses for back pain

Here are our top picks for each category.

Best for All Positions – Casper Element Mattress

 best mattresses for back pain

If you’re looking for a great all-round mattress, there are few that are as good as the Casper Element Mattress.

Voted as one of the most innovative companies by Fast Company, Casper is a brand you can trust. To make things better, their mattresses were also hailed as one of the “best inventions” by Time Magazine.

But enough of the company, and now to the product. The Element Mattress does not disappoint. It is made from premium foam that is guaranteed to give you a good night’s rest.

Since its made from memory foam, the foam contours to your body shape. This way, you’ll always feel super comfortable in this mattress.

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And it’s not only that, but Casper Element Mattress is also super durable. The mattress comes with a washable cover that can last for years.

We also love the company’s trial policy. You have a hundred nights to try and see if this mattress is for you. If you find that it isn’t working for your back pains, you can return it without any problems.

Best Budget Mattress – Linenspa Hybrid Mattress

best mattresses for back pain

Struggling with back pain but don’t have the money for the top mattresses? You don’t have to worry, because there are some great affordable options that you have.

One of these is Linenspa’s Hybrid Mattress. Unlike other mattresses, this one isn’t made from only one material.

This hybrid mattress uses both memory foam and inner springs. The memory foam forms to your body shape, while the inner springs give it some firmness. This gives the mattress a medium feel.

You might feel a little reluctant because of the price, but you’ll be surprised how good it is. Your bedtime backaches will go away, and you’ll get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Of course, there are several ways it could be better. But for what it’s worth, this is a great mattress for its price.

Best Latex Mattress – Lucid Hybrid Mattress

best mattresses for back pain

Memory foam can get warm at times. To combat this, Lucid created their very own hybrid mattress.

Unlike the Linenspa, Lucid’s hybrid mattress combines not two, but three materials. These are memory foam, latex, and inner springs.

You already know what the memory foam and springs do, but the latex adds more to it. Latex is known for being a lot cooler than memory foam is.

With this, you won’t complain about warmth anymore. The airflow of this mattress is very good. So when you lie down, your body is going to have all the breathing room it needs.

With this combination, you have a mattress that is comfortable, firm, and breathable. There’s not much more you could ask for. best mattresses for back pain

Best Cooling Mattress – Classic Brands Hybrid

Latex is great, but some people want a memory foam mattress that keeps them cool as well. Introducing Classic Brands’ hybrid mattress.

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What keeps this mattress cool you might ask? Well, the memory foam they use is no ordinary memory foam. They use gel memory foam.

The memory foam they use is infused with gel. This helps to disperse your body heat when you lie down and makes you a lot more comfortable. That’s why despite not having the most breathable materials, the gel gets the job done and keeps you cool.

Aside from that, Classic Brands’ hybrid mattress is also very high-quality. You’ll feel so relieved and relaxed when you lie down after a long day of work. Plus, if the firmness is right, you won’t have to worry about back pains anymore.

Best Mattress Pad – BedStory 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Maybe you’re not looking for a full mattress. Rather, you want something a lot thinner, such as a mattress pad.

When you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of options. But perhaps the best mattress pad you will come across is BedStory’s 3-inch memory foam mattress topper.

Though it’s thin, it has everything you want from a good mattress. For one, it is memory foam. By now, you know why memory foam is ubiquitous in the mattress scene.

Not only that though, but BedStory’s 3-inch mattress topper also uses gel memory foam. Like Classic Brands, this allows the mattress to disperse your body heat. This way, you don’t have to worry about warmth.

Despite being thin, this mattress has all the cushion you need. And it’s not just soft either, it also hits all the right pressure points in your body. That’s why your back will feel at ease, and you can say goodbye to back pains. best mattresses for back pain


Why go through another night of pain, when you can sleep on a mattress that will align your spine and take the aches away? With the best mattresses for back pain, you can say goodbye to your suffering once and for all!

Disclaimer: sleeping on a proper mattress is proven to help with backaches. The mattresses recommended here are some of the best in the market. However, if you have special needs, consult your doctor first. If pain persists, see a physician right away.