The majority of anti-wrinkle pillow cases are made from silk. Silk assists in fighting wrinkles by developing a crease-free pillow case. Years of sleeping on rough cotton can result in fine lines and also creases. By the time we are 60, we have actually slept an average of twenty years. That's a long period of time to sleep on a surface area that negatively affects your skin as well as hair! best anti-wrinkle silk pillow cases

Just How Silk Pillows Can Reduce Wrinkles

Can sleeping on silk actually make you look more youthful? Clearly there's a great deal of variables involved in your skin's aging procedure-- from stress and anxiety and environment to genes. Nevertheless it's indisputable that we invest about a third of our lives sleeping, so discovering even a small way to benefit your skin during that time will accumulate over the years.

Using a silk pillow case will not get rid of ten years over night. It will smooth your skin as well as maintain it moistened so you will wake up with plumper skin and no random sleep lines on your face. For a very minimal adjustment in your way of life, it seems worth exploring. best anti-wrinkle silk pillow cases

Pros for Silk Pillowcases:

  • Silk maintains your hair and also skin's own moisture, leaving your skin hydrated
  • Silk's finer weave suggests less rubbing, leaving you with smoother hair and skin
  • Naturally hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Indulging-- there's simply something about the luxury of silk

Cons of Silk Pillowcases:

  • If you sweat a whole lot throughout the night, it could be much better to use microfiber or cotton
  • Much more delicate care-- requires to be washed on delicate cycle and also air-dried
  • Price-- while there are cost effective options, silk is a luxury material  
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Best Anti-Wrinkle Silk Pillow Cases

Care of Your New Silk Pillow Case

One note: Treat your silk pillow cases with care. Numerous reviewers grumble that the pillow cases were harmed after just a couple of washes. Nevertheless this is commonly due to wrong cleansing. You can't simply pack these up with the rest of your bedsheets as well as run them with the wash.

Many silk pillow cases are designed to be cleaned on the hand-wash or delicate cycle as well as air-dried. They are a fine fabric and deserve to be treated as such. Take good care of them and they'll take good care of you! best anti-wrinkle silk pillow cases

Our Best Silk Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Cases

We recommend the finest silk pillowcases for an anti-wrinkle sleep: 

Fishers Finery 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase: this pillowcase is 100% silk yet is extremely cost effective. It is made out of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk - 19 MM as well as is one of the highest quality pillows out there. Its style adheres to any kind of design style so it'll fit in with anything from contemporary to shabby chic. A lot of silk pillow cases are made with a side entrance, envelope flap and no zippers. A side entrance means there is a little shake room and the pillow can move around when you sleep, yet no zipper will certainly not interrupt your sleep! Dry clean or hand wash. Leave on a flat surface area when cleansed.

Lily Silk 100 Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin: don't allow the cotton underside discourage you. This case is made with absorbent product. The cotton bottom serves a multi-functional objective. It's fantastic for a sleeper who wishes to control their temperature at night and switch in between a sateen cotton as well as silky sleep. While it does have more of a slippery surface area on top, the cotton avoids movement during the evening time for an extra luxurious sleep.

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Tafts Silk Pillowcase: not only will you sleep much better and awaken looking younger, you will certainly likewise gain from its silky surface area as well as anti-wrinkle innovation. This pillow case is made from 22 Momme, 100% all-natural, un-dyed, chemical free, mulberry silk. You won't find yourself with wrinkled skin or bed head with this option.

Ravmix Anti Aging Pillowcase: This 100% 21 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillow case can be found in a white cream color gift box and serves 3 objectives: provides you THE best rest, gives anti-wrinkle innovation as well as will leave your hair looking and feeling glamorous when you get up. It's additionally naturally hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic pillow situations have shown to be even more of preventative actions against scratchy skin, rosacea, dermatitis as well as eczema.

5 Best-Selling Silk Pillow Cases on Amazon

But you don't have to take our word for it. Here are the top 5 best-sellers on Amazon currently. 

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bedsure Satin Silky Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Queen - Dark Grey, 2 Pack 20x30 Inches - Set of 2 with Envelope Closure, Similar to Silk Pillow Cases, Gifts for Women Men
  • Silky Soft: Made of premium fabric, these silk-like satin pillowcases offer you an extreme smoothness and softness. These pillowcases are also gentle on sensitive skin, offering you restful sleep every night.
  • Elevate Your Beauty Sleep: The smooth surface of these 100% polyester satin pillowcases protect delicate facial hair from scratches, creases, and tugs, and help to reduce split ends. Satin is great for your hair and skin, ensuring a night of restorative and beautiful sleep.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Standard Size 20"X 26" Case with Hidden Zipper Soft Breathable Smooth Cooling Pillow Covers for Sleeping(White,1Pcs)
  • ❤【Silk Pillowcase】Our pillow cases are made of Silk, with rich elastic touch, extremely soft appearance, not easy to wrinkle, strong and durable, not easy to be damaged by repeated use, not easy to stain, simple in appearance, easy to match, and improve the happiness of life.
  • ❤【Smooth and Soft Silk Pillowcase】The surface of the Silk Pillowcase is smooth and shiny, reducing friction on beautiful curly hairstyles and the face. The pillow covers does not absorb any moisture after styling for one night, keeping the hair and skin smooth and shiny, without entanglement.
Bestseller No. 3
Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, Mulberry Silk Pillow Cases Standard Size, Cooling Sleep Both Sides Natural Silk Satin Pillow Covers with Zipper, Gifts for Him Her Women Men, Ash Blue
  • 💕【Fights Dryness and Acne】Silk pillowcases are made of high-quality silk fabric,rich in 18 amino acids,which are believed to effectively stimulate the metabolism of skin cells.So your skin will maintain the balanced moisture needed to form a protective layer.The more moisture your skin is hydrated,the less visible fine lines and wrinkles are.
  • 💕【Protect Hair and Face】We spend third of our lives in bed - life can be refined if we turn our sleep into silky spa.Our pure mulberry silk pillowcase which Satin-finished has pearly sheen that provides smooth finish to your face and hair, allowing your hair to glide through, reducing friction by 45% and reducing facial wrinkles.It also protects your curly hair from tangles and gives it natural and healthy glow.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bedsure 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, White Silk Pillow Case with Hidden Zipper, Gifts for Women Men, Standard Size Single Pack, 20x26 Inches
  • Both Sides 100% Mulberry Silk.
  • Premium Silk: The Bedsure Silk Pillowcase is made from exquisite 19 momme silk, and gives a rich hand feel that is incredibly smooth and soft, offering endless cozy nights.
Bestseller No. 5
ZIMASILK 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Health,Soft and Smooth,Both Sides Premium Grade 6A Silk,600 Thread Count,with Hidden Zipper,1pc (Queen 20''x30'',Taupe)
  • ✅ 100% Mulberry Silk: Bringing you the best silk pillowcase means the highest grade 6A organic silk (Tips: Avoid cheaply silk pillowcases, they maybe Low Silk Content or Fake Silk). Also compare with some other brands, they mark their pillowcases as 21, 22 Momme. Zima silk pillowcase has same thickness. Both sides of Zima silk pillow case is constructed from 100% 19 momme Grade 6A mulberry silk.
  • ✅ Only Real Mulberry Silk - The Perfect Sleep Fabric: Silk has been clinically proven to be the fabric of choice for those skin conscious. Satin and other imitations are harsh on the skin and hair, causing wrinkles, tangled hair and skin irritation. A natural and hypoallergenic silk pillowcase designed by our teams of experts that does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep. Real silk balances temperatures better, has a cool body feel, and cools the body in hot weather.